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Hi there!

My name is Katie Grace Newman. I am an all-American wife, baker, fashionologist (yes, I made that up), crafter, and lover of my ten-pound shitzu, Zooey.

On this blog I will be sharing all that I am passionate about, with an emphasis on baking. I am a self-taught baker, although I would say that I inherited my passion from my Grandma who was constantly experimenting with new recipes. I spend the majority of my free time in the kitchen creating recipes and altering them to perfection before they find their forever home in my vintage wooden recipe box (it’s my little treasure trove).

I created Dash of Grace to encourage my readers to incorporate more grace into their lifestyles. I believe in graceful living. No, I do not mean exhausting yourself in the ever futile quest for perfection (I have spent far too much of my life in this trivial pursuit); nor do I mean frolicking about your kitchen like a ballerina (although if your haven’t done this I do highly recommend giving it a whirl). What I’m talking about comes from a place that is genuine, attentive, and mindful. Let me explain.

First off, grace can (and I believe should) be exhibited through art. The creation process itself can be just as beautiful, mesmerizing, and rewarding, if not more so, than the end product. Graceful, controlled movement is not something that always comes naturally, it is something that often requires refinement and diligence. However, the more you practice approaching art with grace, the more effortless it becomes. It’s therapeutic really.

Next, as you try new things, I would encourage you to extend grace to yourself. Be patient, allowing yourself to learn and grow. Do not be intimidated by cake and its daunting layers, or the puff pastry with its mile long direction list. You are fully capable. Mastering a technique takes time and practice (at least it does for me).

On a slightly more personal note, I wanted to talk about being gracious. I have received more grace in my lifetime than I could ever hope to give back; but, I try my best to exhibit the same grace towards others that has been so freely shown to me time and time again.

I would also encourage you to be open to both receiving grace and giving grace in your life.

Because couldn’t we all use a little more grace in our lives, even if it’s just a dash?

Again, welcome to my blog. I am so happy you are here. This is going to be very fun!

About the Food Photography

Reilly Newman

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs on this blog are taken and edited by my wonderful husband Reilly Newman. He is my biggest supporter, number one taste-tester and the only man I’ve ever convinced to wear an apron.

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